Become the Number One waste collecting company in Brunei and to provide educational resources on environmental recycling, towards achieving a sustainable clean and safe environment.

Daikyo Environmental Recycling is a one-stop center for the recycling of
• Ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal
• Papers
• Plastics
• Electronic wastes
• Nylon bags

We have several assorted sizes of pipes, Steel plates, I Beam, H Beam, C Channel, Ankle Bar and Elbow for sale.
We have the following specification of API pipes diameter in inches.
2 7/8 inches • 3 inches • 3 1/2 inches • 4 inches • 5 inches • 6 inches • 7 inches • 8 inches • 9 5/8 inches
9 7/8 inches • 10 3/8 inches • 11 inches • 12 inches • 16 inches • 18 inches • 20 inches • 24 inches • 34 inches
Recycling Bins
Our recycling operations primarily involve (i) procurement and collection of all types recyclable material; (ii) processing of the collected materials where sorting, segregating, shearing among other processes are conducted to maximize material recovery; and (iii) packaging for efficient handling and quality control to meet customers' specification. Our scrap processing is carried out in accordance with the guidelines set out in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Washington, D.C


We also provide pick up collection services, whereby drivers will be dispatched to customer's location such as residential or commercial to collect the recyclable materials.

We also regularly collaborate with companies and NGOs for recycling drive campaigns and events.
Feel free to email us or call us for such services

We also provide recycling bins to institutions such as schools, residential and companies.

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